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Addison's Anatomy

Med School Days

Addison's Anatomy: Med School Days


October 25th, 2007

Who: Mark
Where: Addisons dorm first .. then Med School

Addison woke up when the first sunstripes shone through her window. She looked at her clock on the nightstand and sighed. Her Alarm would go off in 5 minutes so she could as well just get up right now. She rolled over in bed and got up slowly. All she wanted was going back to bed and continue her dream. It was the first time in like forever that she actually had a perfect dream. Of course it had been about Mark and her, but after last nights ending she had the sure feeling that it would never come true.

She made her way to the bathroom and took a shower, washing her hair. After awhile she turned off the water and grabbed a towel, heading back to her room to get dressed. She was glad that Savy wasnt awake yet, because she sure as hell would have asked her about her date and Addison really didnt want to talk about it with the girl she shared a room with. The date had been perfect, until the point when she had practically thrown him out.

She dressed herself in a blue wrap up dress and decided to leave her hair open. She took her classes and the bag with her books and made her way out of the door and towards her first class room

October 10th, 2007

So It Begins

Who: Addison
Where: Addison's dorm

Mark arrived outside Addison's door at five till eight since he didn't like being late. After he'd parted ways with Addison earlier that day, he'd begun to make an elaborate plan for their date. He wanted it to be perfect, and he needed it to be able to win the heart of Addison Montgomery. After having put much thought into it, he believed he had the perfect date planned.

With flowers in one had, he lifted his other one and knocked on the door, waiting patiently for someone to answer.

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September 30th, 2007

Who: Mark
Where: Med school

Addison Forbes Montgomery was slowly walking down the hall of New York medical School. Her high heels clicked on the pavement and from all sides she received funny glances. She had her books in her arms, trying to balance them all, which was rather difficult because she was sure they weight about 100 pounds. She made her way to her first classroom for the day, desperately trying to find room nummer 327 in a matter of 5 minutes. She couldnt be late on her first date, how would that look?

Suddenly her glasses treatened to fall off and she tried to balance the books and fumble with her glasses at once, not exactly looking were she was going until there was a loud thud and she colided with another body. Her books feel on the floor, along with her glasses.

"Damn it." she mumbled while rubbing the back of her head.

"I am sorry." she said to the person she ran into and was trying to get a hold of all of her books. She didnt really even notice the handsome guy who was still sitting on the floor with a cocky grin on his lips. He was holding one of her books, appearatly reading the title

"Um.. can I have my book back.. please?" she asked reaching out for it
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